Punching / Drawing / Bending / Forming

Stamping is a manufacturing process in which complex shapes and designs can be produced by cutting, punching, and forming flat metal sheets or other materials. The material is placed between a punch and a die and brought into the desired shape by the pressure of the stamping press. Cutting and stamping are carried out in a single operation, enabling efficient and cost-effective production. Depending on the requirements, various stamping tools can be used to achieve high precision and repeatability. Stamping is suitable for the production of individual parts, series production, and mass production of components for a variety of applications in different industries.


2000 ton ~ 15 ton

Single-Action Press-Size:
Up to 1200mm x 700mm

Double-Action Press-Size:
Up to 2000mm x 650mm
Stainless steel
Hot rolled steel
Cold rolled steel
Spring steel